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Getting Started with the Zipper Pack

The Zipper Pack is all that you need to rocket your non-reading preschool child into becoming an enthusiastic reader - including your love and support. This really is a gift that will last a lifetime!

The books in the Zipper Pack are the same the Zip level books. However, the Zipper Pack has more support materials to assist the parents.

View Zipper Pack contents below

Strong & colourful carry bag

I am a Zipper - book bag

Zip's Writing Book

Zip's pencil, ruler & eraser

Parent A5 Guide

24 Zip reading books

Zip Manual

Zip's sentence building chart

Zip's letter sounds + Writing chart

Zip's flash cards

Zip's picture cards

Zip's Ant Alphabet Cards

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Zipper Pack
Perfect for Pre Schoolers. Contains: A Zipper Book Bag, Zips Writing Book, Pencil / Rubber Ruler, Parents A5 Guide,24 Zip Reading Books, Zip's Manual, Zip's Letter Sounds + Writing Chart, Zip's Flash Cards. Includes a strong & colourful carry bag.
Parent Booklet A5
16 page A5 Booklet. A simple but effective booklet for people who are not teachers. With everything you need to know and understand to help your child. (Not required if buying 40 page Quick Guide to Teaching + Learning)
1 - 5
Parents Quick Guide To Teaching + Learning With The Frog Books Programme
40 page guide to assist parents. Give a simple but accurate way of assessing where to start a child and how to run a Progressive fun Programme using the Frog Reading Books.
1 - 5
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