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The first Frog Pond Tuition Base was started by Jill Mitchell 20 years ago & has continued since then. There are other Frog Pond Bases now - See Below.


  • The Frog Pond Tutors are experienced classroom Teachers or Specialist Teacher Aids.
  • 1 to 1 - One pupil with one Tutor.
  • Tutors work with the Wild Daisies Frog Books Programme.
  • Initially each child is assessed, then works each week with their own Tutor.
  • Tuition Sessions are 30 minutes in length.
  • Tutors work specifically on what each child needs. They work through the programme and use their background experience to fill knowledge gaps, untangle confusions, build confidence and fluency with both reading and writing.
  • Our Programme includes phonics as well as a wide range of other Early Literacy Skills.
  • There are checklists and certificates at the end of each level.
  • The Frog Books fit comfortably along side books children may be using at school. There are many schools using the Frog Reading Books.
  • Most of our pupils are 4½ to 12 year olds. However, we also at times work very successfully with older pupils.
  • Pupils get a Book Bag, Exercise Book and most days a Frog Reading Book. They work on the Frog Reading Book with their Tutor, and they keep the book.
  • Every thing the pupils need is provided.


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Our Waiuku Frog Pond Base Tutors


Frog Book Tutor Kay Childs

Kay Childs

Waiuku Tutor

Frog Book Tutor Barbara MacFarquhar

Barbara MacFarquhar

Tuakau / Waiuku Tutor

Frog Book Tutor Jane Ferguson

Jane Ferguson

Waiuku Tutor

Frog Book Tutor Teresa Merchant

Teresa Merchant

Waiuku Manager/Tutor

Frog Book Tutor Christine Bentley

Christine Bentley

Waiuku Tutor


Our Other Frog Pond Bases


Frog Book Tutor Amanda Perry

Amanda Perry

Henderson Owner / Tutor

Frog Book Tutor Megan Jenkins

Megan Jenkins

Kumeu Tutor

Frog Book Tutor Sarah Hawker

Sarah Hawker

Cambridge Owner / Tutor

Frog Book Tutor Wendy Rusk

Wendy Rusk

Te Awamutu Owner / Tutor

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