Just Some of the comments from our Happy Customers...

"Timothy (9 year old deaf student) loved the characters. This gave him the confidence to read on. It gave Timothy the hunger to read. He also loved the storyline and the characters and he wanted to read all the stories."

"Much more responsive to reading a book. Loves Zip and Zeek. Useful teaching him oral language."

"Graded progression with introduction of new words is very good. Children love your frogs! We love your books!"

"Yes Yujin is lovely! He is actually Japanese, so English is his 3rd language! The Frog Books are helping him a lot. The repitition of the positional language in these texts is excellent for ESOL children."

"The Frog Books have been an excellent resource over the two years we have used them in our New Entrant classroom. They love them!"

"The Frog Books have fulfilled a need for schools in that it is difficult to find suitable material of high interest at low levels. The pupils enjoy that the characters move up through the levels."

Dyslexic 10 year old. Mark is a severe dyslexic. At a grim time in his progress, your books with their excellent clear bold print, plus the stimulus of the stories and awesome illustrations was everything he needed."

"I went to school and I went reading with Zip Frog Books. I like reading all the Zip books."

"I really like your books. My favourite frog is Zak."

They really love the Frogs and these books have really helped me to teach the children to read English."

"To Zoosh, I love you and your singing. The best book is 'Zoosh To The Rescue' because I like dinosaurs and fossils. Love from Emily Kate Sharp."

"Dear Zip, Zeek, Zak, Zo and Zoosh, you were right! You taught me how to read! Zoosh I really like you a lot. Is Zoosh a she or a he? Zak, I want to say Hi! to Mac. I really like the letters you gave me."

I have worked with and used the "Wild Daisies" programme for 6 and a half years. Firstly working alongside Jill Mitchell and then as an independant tutor on my own behalf.

This reading programme gets my wholehearted endorsement for

  1. It's careful sequential building on of known basic words with regular reinforcemnent.
  2. The reading values built up, e.g. concentration, 1-1 reading - oral language - topical worksheets to maintain interest and over learning.
  3. The identical approach to speech and language correction and correct letter information.
  4. It's appeal - the frog characters, which the children get to know and love.

As a classroom teacher in the past, a SPELD tutor, and as a teacher trained specifically forteaching literacy deficiencies in the Waikato, I have found the "Wild Daisies" programme to be an excellent sequential series which adressed the needs of school age childrenwho have gaps in early reading and subsequent loss of confidence. This has been a real pleasure to me as it has also been setting children aged 4 1/2 years on a well constructed pathway to begin at school. The assisstance to parents in facilitating their children's reading is another bonus of the programme.