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Wild Daisies Publications Sequence of Levels and Accompanying Characters

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Wild Daisies End of Level Checklist Wild Daisies End of Level Checklist Wild Daisies End of Level Checklist Wild Daisies End of Level Checklist Wild Daisies End of Level Checklist Wild Daisies End of Level Checklist

Teacher Specific References Read some reviews

I used the Frog books with 3 students who had been in a total immersion Maori situation (till 4th form) and who needed to learn English from books that didn’t show little kids in the illustrations. These kids don’t like books but the cartoon pictures and the graded readers kept them interested.

Special Needs - Te Kura Kaupapa Maori Rhoe O Ruatoki, NZ

We are using the books in a 1 to 1 Learning Support situation, with students (13 to 17 years old) who are ESOL (English as a second or other language). Most have reading difficulties - visual perception problems, vocab problems and attention difficulties. Boys who usually hate reading are enjoying the characters and the stories. There is a general enjoyment and pleasure at success.

Support Learning Center - Northcote College, NZ

Special Needs Class (11, 12 and 13 year olds - low reading levels) The students enjoy reading these books. Their enthusiasm to finish one series and move onto the next is wonderful! They remember all the characters and name places. The pupils memory skills, blends, word endings and spelling has improved.

Mansell Senior School, NZ

We love the Zip books! Our children take a reader home each night. We encourage our children to read with their children even though they are only 4. The books are exactly what we have been looking for, for this age group.

Eve - Australia

We are using the Frog Books with our older students (7-8 year olds) who missed Reading Recovery and still have the large learning gaps. They enjoy the vibrant illustrations and the structure that allows immediate success. Progress has been steady and rewarding.

Bombay School, NZ

We are using the Frog Books with three Special Needs Students (12 and 13 years old). The simple logic of the Zip books is a sound base and all the students are stimulated by the series. The structured work is being well done and the confidence and fluency in reading is apparent. SAi the students and myself are obtaining so much pleasure from the series.

Rosehill Special school, NZ

The Frog Books have been an excellent resource over the two years we have used them in our New Entrant classroom. They love them!

Lyall Bay School, NZ

You have fulfilled a need for schools in that it is difficult to find suitable material of high interest at low levels. The pupils enjoy that the characters move up through the levels.

East Tamaki School, NZ

Very good progression, particularly for slower learners - they love the characters.

Kings Prep School, NZ

9 Year Old Deaf Student. Timothy feared failure and seeing too much print on a page was putting him off moving through the reading levels. The Wild Daisies Frog Series has inspired Timothy into reading once more. He loved the storyline and the characters so much, that he wanted to read all the stories. Then he didn't mind how many words were on the page. He also started to read other readers at the equivalent level and found them easy.

Kotuueke South School, NZ

Dyslexic 10 year old. Mark is a severe dyslexic. At a grim time in his progress, your books with their excellent clear bold print, plus the stimulus of the stories and awesome illustrations was everything he needed.

Jenny - Mother - Westport, NZ

I am a Teacher Aide working with a Year 8 student with a disability. We have really enjoyed the interesting and informative stories and the beautiful illustrations.

Pompellier College, NZ

Your books fulfil our purpose well. High interest, attractive books and pictures, not too much vocabulary. Word lists to help parents. Feedback from teachers show they are very popular with the children.

NZ Correspondence School

We really like the way each series builds on the previous one. Bright colours, interesting characters. They have helped us to develop two enthusiastic readers of Special Needs Pupils. These pupils now feel confident to try simple chapter books.

Boddytown School, NZ

The children love them - the colours, pictures and the adventures. They can't wait to start the next book! All our Junior Teachers think these books are just wonderful!

Manurewa East School, NZ

Thank you so much for writing to the children in reply to their letters after reading '5 Letters to You'. It is a lovely way to wrap up after reading your books. I have to say the children love them and I agree. It's a great programme!

The American School in London

Beautiful! Lovely colourful illustrations and the text is terrific - large bold and generous spacing. Pictures are very supportive to the reader and consistent replication/practice of high frequency heavy duty words will help all beginning readers.

Narrabri, Western Australia

Timothy (9 year old deaf student) loved the characters. This gave him the confidence to read on. It gave Timothy the hunger to read. He also loved the storyline and the characters and he wanted to read all the stories.

Kotueke South School, NZ

Excellent presentation. Children love the feel of the pages. Good vocab range for beginning readers.

Mt Beauty School, Australia

Very attractively presented. Both the Learning Support Teacher and I feel they are colourful without being too busy and distracting the reader.

Reading Recovery Teacher - Gowie, Australia

We are finding your readers wonderful, particularly in our Magenta (Zip) level.

Conifer Grove School, NZ

We are using the books for Instructional Group Reading, Independent Reading and Reading Recovery. Students enjoy them and feel successful.

Beach Haven School, NZ

Graded progression with introduction of new words is very good. Children love the frogs! We love your books!

Port Villa International School

To whom it may concern.

I have worked with and used the "Wild Daisies" Programme for 6½ years. Firstly working alongside Jill Mitchell and then as an independent tutor on my own behalf. This reading programme gets my wholehearted endorsement for:

  1. It's careful sequential building on of known basic words with regular enforcement
  2. The Reading Values build up, e.g. concentration, 1-1 reading, oral language and topical worksheets to maintain interest and over learning.
  3. The incidental approach to speech and language correction and correct letter formation.
  4. It's appeal - the Frog characters, which the children get to know and love.

As a classroom teacher in the past, a SPELD tutor, and as a teacher trained specifically for teaching Literacy deficiencies in the Waikato, I have found the "Wild Daisies" programme to be an excellent sequential series which addressed the needs of school age children who have gaps in early reading and subsequent loss of reading confidence. This has been a real pleasure to me as it has also been setting children aged 4½ years on a well constructed pathway to begin at school. The assistance to parents in facilitating their children's reading is another bonus of the programme.

Dorothy Dixon

Dorothy Signature

Teacher Aide Opportunity!Catch up those children who are missing the "Reading Boat"!

Using the Wild Daisies Complete Pack, a Teacher Aide is able to work :

  • 1 to 1
  • Daily - 30 Minute sessions
  • With several pupils over the course of a day

Everything needed is in this Strong, Easy to Carry Bag

There is a clear, easy Assessment Process to see where to start a pupil who has started to read and write, but is mixed up and has gaps. (This section could be done by the Teacher if required)

The Complete Pack contains:

  • 73 Reading Books over 5 levels – Magenta to Orange
  • 73 Skill Builder Worksheets included in 5 comprehensive teacher manuals that help tie the Reading and Writing Skills together.
  • The easy to follow Lily Pad Instruction Sheets familiarise Basic Words, Phonics, Blends, Word Attack Skills, Letter Formations and Sentence Building.
  • Skill builder Games at each level also help to consolidate the necessary skills required for Reading and Writing.
  • A Daily Lesson Plan is ticked off and filled in as the lesson progresses.
  • Checklists and Revision Suggestions are available at the end of each level.
  • Activities and Games accompany each level to consolidate new skills and strategies.
  • All the levels are educationally colour co-ordinated to make the pack easy to use and pack away at the end of the day.
  • Once the child completes each level they receive a beautiful CONGRATULATIONS certificate!