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Zappy Educational Child Reading Book

Zappy – The Storyteller Book

This book is a great start for your child and has amazing pictures and NO words so it allows your child to use their imagination to tell their own story!

Comes with a FREE Book bag

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Dragon Educational Child Reading Pack

Dragon Pack 1

Contains: 6 books and a FREE book bag

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Dragon Pack 2

Contains: 6 books

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Primary Homeschool Books

Primary / Homeschool books

Quick Guide To Teaching + Learning With The Frog Books Programme

This gives you a more in-depth evaluation of your childs reading + writing skills and exactly how to form a 30 minute daily programme.

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Weekly book learning subscription for children

Subscription Option

If your child is just starting to read then you can subscribe for ONLY $10 per Week to receive a new book and worksheet sent to you every week for 73 weeks

At the end of each level you will receive a Level Checklist and a beautiful 4 Congratulations Certificate.

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Test your Child's Reading Level Magenta 0-1-2

Find out which frog book series your child should start with...

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Emergent/Magenta Levels 0-1-2 Zip’s Book List For Testing, Revision and Ordering

Ask your child to read these words:

  • I
  • am
  • a
  • here
  • is
  • the
  • like
  • my
  • Look
  • at
  • My
  • Here
  • we
  • come
  • can
  • This
  • Come
  • up
  • to
  • me
  • Can
  • A
  • The

If your child could not read some of the words above, you can purchase the book titles below that have that word in them.
If they can’t read more than 3 words above, we recommend you purchase the whole pack and start your child at this level
or try the NEW Subscription offer we have available for beginner readers - See option above.

If your child got all of these words correct, proceed to test them on the next level


These are the best books to buy to practice for each word
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Books that contain: I

I Will Help You to ReadI Am...Let's PretendBoo!Yum!I Like My RatBinocularsLife Jackets

Books that contain: am

I Will Help You to ReadI Am...Let‛s PretendBoo!

Books that contain: a

What's For Lunch?PresentsLet‛s PretendUnder The SeaWhat Can I Catch?A SeedI Am...

Books that contain: Here

Under The SeaWhat Can I Catch?Boo!A SeedRainbowUp And UpCome On!

Books that contain: is

Under The SeaWhat Can I Catch?A SeedRainbowUp And UpMy GearWhere is my FriendWhat Is This?

Books that contain: the

RainbowUp And UpYum!Look! Look! Look!Spring SecretWhat Is This?In The Dark

Books that contain: Like

Yum!I Like My Rat

Books that contain: my

I Like My RatBinocularsKitty Kitty

Books that contain: Look

Look! Look! Look!Spring Secret

Books that contain: at

Look! Look! Look!Spring Secret

Books that contain: My

My GearWhere is my FriendI Like My Rat

Books that contain: here

My GearWhere is my Friend

Books that contain: we

Come On!

Books that contain: come

Come On!Life Jackets

Books that contain: can


Books that contain: This

What Is This?

Books that contain: Come

Kitty Kitty

Books that contain: up

Kitty Kitty

Books that contain: to

Kitty Kitty

Books that contain: me

Kitty Kitty

Books that contain: Can

Life Jackets

Books that contain: A

Someone Special

Books that contain: The

In The DarkWhat's For Lunch?
Zips Full Series of Books

Zip’s Full Series of Books

Recommended if your child cannot read 3 or more words above at this level • 24 Books

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Zips Full Series of Books + Manual

Zipper Pack - Everything your child needs to get started

Perfect for Pre Schoolers. Contains: A Zipper Book Bag, Zips Writing Book, Pencil / Rubber Ruler, Parents A5 Guide,24 Zip Reading Books, • Zip's Manual, • Zip's Letter Sounds + Writing Chart, • Zip's Flash Cards. Includes a strong & colourful carry bag.

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