Hello I'm Zip Emergent/Magenta Levels 0-1-2

image of Zip image of Zip

As the caring friendly Mentor of the entire reading series, Zip is an enthusiastic and encouraging friend to the New Reader. Zip's 24 stories form a safe broad base for anyone learning English. They are simple, yet have an identifiable and often humorous climax to them.

Zip introduces and consolidates 23 Basic Words with a variety of Sentence Structure, Genre and Topics. Happiness and delight in simple things feature strongly throughout this series.

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Hello I'm Zeek Red Levels 3-4-5

image of Zeek image of Zeek

Zeek who has feathers is a gentle but adventurous frog with 12 stories which consolidate Early Reading and Writing Strategies as well as building on Vocabulary introduced by Zip's books.

Zeek introduces new Basic Words, more Complex Sentence Structure and all the stories have soft coloured backgrounds to mark the new level of skill. Sharing, fun and natural science feature strongly in this series.

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Hello I'm Zak Yellow Levels 6-7-8

image of Zak image of Zak

Zak has fur, a tail and is known as The Dog Frog. Zak has a wonderful spirit of adventure and a dog called Mac who shares the adventures.

Zak's stories continue to consolidate Basic Words and Strategies introduced in the previous two series, while introducing new ones. Sentence Structure, Text Layout and Number of Words per story are gradually increasing in difficulty. Trust, problem solving, adventure and sharing are strong in this series.

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Hello I'm Zo Blue Levels 9-10-11

image of Zo image of Zo

Zo is blue, can fly and is a gentle beauty who surprises the viewer with exciting and daring adventures. Zo's 12 stories introduce more Basic Words and continue to use those previously introduced. The illustrations, although supportive of the text are less specific than previous levels and require the viewer to use strategies to decipher.

Sentence Structure, Story Length and Complexity are all developing steadily. Trust, Leadership, Sharing and Adventure are strong in this series.

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Hello I'm Zoosh Green Levels 12-13-14

image of Zoosh image of Zoosh

Zoosh has a magical rainbow spot under one foot which adds a dimension of freedom to the series. Zoosh, the smallest frog, is a most amazing and unpredictable character who takes the reader and the other frogs on thrilling adventures you would never imagine.

Zoosh's 12 stories continue to Consolidate Words and Skills introduced in previous series. The Sentence Structure, Vocabulary and Complexity of the Stories now require the viewer to use a Variety of Strategies and Concepts to gain enjoyment and understanding from the stories. Huge varieties of Topics and Formats, Facts and Fiction combine into exciting adventures. Caring and Sharing feature strongly in this series.

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Frog Report 1 Orange Levels 15-16

Frog Report 1 Frog Report 1
  • The Frogs and Mac are back in this beautiful gloss full colour A5 Journal
  • They return as Reporters, bringing with them; Stories, Articles, a Map, Poem and more.
  • There is a wide range of Fonts, Formats, Genre, Fact and Fiction.
  • A beautiful 'round off' to the Frog Books.

The children LOVE IT!

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