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Zoosh The Magical Frog Series

Green Level 12-13-14

Teachers 6+ multiprice is $5.40 each

Multiprice - 6+ books of the same title

Zoosh Series Green Level 12-13-14

Product Description Price Qty
Green Level: Worksheet Manual Teacher planning notes and a worksheet for each book $25.00
Zoosh: Reading Pack 12 Books (A1-C4), 12 Activity/Worksheets, Vocabulary Chart $85.00
Zoosh: Full series 12 Books A1-C4 $72.00
Zoosh: Full series PACK 12 Books A1-C4 Plus Zoosh's Manual $92.00
Zoosh: Sentence Building Chart A fun educational classroom activity. Full colour, laminated A4. $8.00
Book Number Title High Frequency Words Running Words Price Qty
Green Swatch A1 Zoosh island music long under hard hear suddenly through 237 $6.00
Green Swatch A2 Zoosh's Magical Cave island were swam sang inside there tired lay bottom deep these started music 211 $6.00
Green Swatch A3 Moon Jumping Slowly open some long shut asked your Now 211 $6.00
Green Swatch A4 Eggs and Legs their these were from keep after some inside bottom 285 $6.00
Green Swatch B1 Antarctic Adventure taken there others these isn't under 218 $6.00
Green Swatch B2 Rainbow Rat through starts violet somewhere some others Suddenly indigo 229 $6.00
Green Swatch B3 Zoosh's Travelling Song who through others swam asked sang 167 $6.00
Green Swatch B4 Zoosh - The Movie Maker work ants inside farmers cows world keep 235 $6.00
Green Swatch C1 Did You Know... interesting some deep world shut know hear find hard 248 $6.00
Green Swatch C2 Zoosh to the Rescue find hard We're slowly must some their other others suddenly 194 $6.00
Green Swatch C3 Zak's Exciting Lunch would swam hard gone exciting Shut There deep your grey 247 $6.00
Green Swatch C4 5 Letters to You your some now trying now we've 321 $6.00
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