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Zip Frog Series

Emergent/Magenta Level 0-1-2

Teachers 6+ multiprice is $5.40 each

Multiprice - 6+ books of the same title

Zip Series Emergent/Magenta Level 0-1-2

Product Description Price Qty
Magenta Level: Worksheet Manual Teacher planning notes and a worksheet for each book $36.00
Zip: Reading Pack Set A Books A1-A8 + CD + Worksheets + FREE Sentence Building Chart $60.00
Zip: Reading Pack Set B Books B1-B8 + CD + Worksheets $60.00
Zip: Reading Pack Set C Books C1-C8 + CD + Worksheets $60.00
Zip: Full series 24 Books A1-C8 $144.00
Zip: Full series PACK 24 Books A1-C8 Plus Zip's Manual $180.00
Zip: Sentence Building Chart A fun educational classroom activity. Full colour, laminated A4. $8.00
Book Number Title Topic High Frequency Words Running Words Price Qty
Magenta Swatch A1 Zip Physical Activities I am 24 $6.00
Magenta Swatch A2 What's for lunch? Monkey Food a 17 $6.00
Magenta Swatch A3 Presents Presents/Transport Party a 16 $6.00
Magenta Swatch A4 I am Colours I am 25 $6.00
Magenta Swatch A5 Let's pretend Animal Ears I am a 31 $6.00
Magenta Swatch A6 Under the sea Sea Creatures Here is a 34 $6.00
Magenta Swatch A7 What can I catch? Fishing/Pollution/Conservation Here is a 32 $6.00
Magenta Swatch A8 Boo! Hide and Seek Here I am 25 $6.00
Magenta Swatch B1 Someone special Clown Clothes A 16 $6.00
Magenta Swatch B2 A seed Growing Sunflowers Here is a 32 $6.00
Magenta Swatch B3 Rainbow Weather/Sun/Star Here is the 33 $6.00
Magenta Swatch B4 Up and up Simple kite making Here is the 32 $6.00
Magenta Swatch B5 Yum! Fast Food Outlet I like the 33 $6.00
Magenta Swatch B6 I like my rat Pets I like my 32 $6.00
Magenta Swatch B7 Look! Look! Look! Car journey Look at the 32 $6.00
Magenta Swatch B8 Spring Secret Bird's nest/tree Look at the 33 $6.00
Magenta Swatch C1 My gear Familiar leisure items/Camping My is here 32 $6.00
Magenta Swatch C2 Where is my friend? Personal items/school friend My is here 32 $6.00
Magenta Swatch C3 Come on! Farm Animals Here we come 24 $6.00
Magenta Swatch C4 Binoculars Binoculars I can my 39 $6.00
Magenta Swatch C5 What is this? Zoo Animals This is the 32 $6.00
Magenta Swatch C6 Kitty, Kitty Cats/Tree Hut Come up to me 33 $6.00
Magenta Swatch C7 Life jackets Water-safety/Boating Can I come? 25 $6.00
Magenta Swatch C8 In the dark Animals/Movies the 18 $6.00
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