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Zeek The Feathered Frog Series

Red Level 3-4-5

Teachers 6+ multiprice is $5.40 each

Multiprice - 6+ books of the same title

Zeek Series Red Level 3-4-5

Product Description Price Qty
Red Level: Worksheet Manual Teacher planning notes and a worksheet for each book $25.00
Zeek: Reading Pack 12 Books (A1-C4), 12 Activity/Worksheets, Vocabulary Chart $85.00
Zeek: Full series 12 Books A1-C4 $72.00
Zeek: Full series PACK 12 Books A1-C4 Plus Zeek's Manual $92.00
Zeek: Sentence Building Chart A fun educational classroom activity. Full colour, laminated A4. $8.00
Book Number Title High Frequency Words Running Words Price Qty
Red Swatch A1 Meet Zeek is come and up am Look I at here my little big are 46 $6.00
Red Swatch A2 Zeek's Super Hat Come here Here is a 51 $6.00
Red Swatch A3 New Shoes Look at my I am 53 $6.00
Red Swatch A4 Lots of Boxes I can We this said look in 64 $6.00
Red Swatch B1 A long leg and I big can said We see Here the are 44 $6.00
Red Swatch B2 Lost! Come and see my said Where is looks up the No on down in Yes 61 $6.00
Red Swatch B3 Splash! Look is the here can Where said I Here love at are a big am in my 64 $6.00
Red Swatch B4 This little egg Look at this little said This is big Where 61 $6.00
Red Swatch C1 Gobble Goat is going the goes Here comes Look coming down and 69 $6.00
Red Swatch C2 The flying feather Look at my My said can go like up We on going down and I 74 $6.00
Red Swatch C3 Up, up and away Come to the away on My and this This my am Look at little big We we go up Up down said is too can yes 81 $6.00
Red Swatch C4 Dolphin riding and can big Come I coming see the said for look Here Away a goes they and are love little on 74 $6.00
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