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About Us

Image of Jill Mitchell

Jill Mitchell

Creative Director
Image of Jodie Wallen

Jodie Wallen

Office Manager
Image of Geoff Austin

Geoff Austin

Marketing Manager

Who Was The Original Wild Daisy?

There are many Wild Daisy's out there now but I guess I'm the original one!" - Jill Mitchell


Hi! I'm Jill Mitchell and I live in Waiuku, a rural New Zealand town.

I grew up on a dairy farm and spent countless happy hours in the frog pond and I often picked the wild daisies on my walk back from school. These frogs went on to become the characters I created when I wrote The Frog Reading Books & Wild Daisies became the name of our publishing company.

In 1996, after a happy career in teaching, I wrote and self-published the 73 books that form 'The Frog Reading Books' - books specifically written to provide a clear pathway for teachers and parents and a "fun" track for the kids. We sell off our website to teachers and parents all over the world - it is wonderful to hear back from happy people at home and in other countries.

We have a small dedicated team at Wild Daisies and over the 20 years we have helped well over 2,000 pupils with our 'Frog Pond 1 to 1 Reading & Writing Tuition'.

"When we teach the children to read, we give each one of them a priceless gift that will last their lifetime. That gift offers them the freedom to gather the knowledge that will make their lives easier & happier!"

Chase your dreams!