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Wild Daisies frog reading books

Wild Daisies frog reading books since 1996 Wild Daisies frog reading books since 1996
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  • The Frog Reading Books are all stand-alone stories and may be bought and read with interest and enjoyment by any child at the appropriate reading level. The books also form a complete progressive Early Literacy Series of sequenced reading books.
  • Computers are not necessary for the successful completion of this programme but the active support of a teacher/parent is essential.
  • EXCELLENT FOR SCHOOLS - Classroom Group Reading, Teacher Aide Support Programmes including 1 to 1 Reading and Writing with Reluctant Learners, Special Needs and English as a Second or Other Language students.
    You have everything you need here for Early Literacy up to Fluency.
  • EARLY LEARNING CENTRES - Create a love of books with your young children with the Happy Zappy and Ziggy books.
  • LIBRARIES - The kids LOVE these books!

Unlike many other sets of readers the Wild Daisies Frog Books have been very carefully designed to be used in a beginning reader tuition programme. For best results the books should be taught in order so that the vocabulary is introduced and consolidated in a well planned sequence which works particularly well for Dyslexic, Irlens and Autistic students.

The teacher’s manuals provide a list of the skills being learnt, worksheets for each book and revision material being learnt and provide appropriate activities to encourage correct letter formation and letter sounds so that the pupil will learn to read and write at the same time.

You can buy one book, a pack, or the whole series. Enjoy!

Read a Zappy book

Zappy the Happy Frog

a tiny ladybird frog, with colourful illustrations and no words. Perfect for a young storyteller.

  • The first book
  • Includes woven carry bag

Pre-school Picture book

Read a Ziggy book

Ziggy the Dragon

is a zany, fun little dragon. Clear sentences introducing basic words + simple sentence structure.

  • 12 Books
  • Includes woven carry bag

Pre-school Intro to words

Read a Zip book

Zip the First Frog

is happy-go-lucky, friendly and caring. A perfect companion to a New Reader.

  • 24 Books
  • Worksheet / Manual
  • Checklists and Certificate.

Magenta Levels 0-1-2

Read a Zeek book

Zeek the Feathered Frog

is rescued by Zip and they become friends.

  • 12 Books
  • Worksheet / Manual
  • Checklists and Certificate.

Red Levels 3-4-5

Read a Zak book

Zak the Dog Frog

is hairy with a tail and gets Mac the Dog as a birthday present.

  • 12 Books
  • Worksheet / Manual
  • Checklists and Certificate.

Yellow Levels 6-7-8

Read a
Zo book

Zo the Flying Frog

is a gentle and very adventurous companion.

  • 12 Books
  • Worksheet / Manual
  • Checklists and Certificate.

Blue Levels 9-10-11

Read a Zoosh book

Zoosh the Magical Frog

is the smallest frog - Zoosh has magical powers that will amaze you!

  • 12 Books
  • Worksheet / Manual
  • Checklists and Certificate.

Green Levels 12-13-14

Read Frog Report

Frog Report 1

is a beautiful full colour gloss Journal.

  • 32 pages, A5 size.
  • Take the New Reader onto a wide variety of Formats and Writing Styles.
Frog Report

Orange Levels 15-16