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Celebrating 20 Years

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Welcome to Wild Daisies Frog Reading Books!

This is an Early Literacy Programme created by Jill – Frog Lady - Mitchell. The programme has been evolving for the last 20 years based on the results of an Intensive Series of Studies using Teacher Aides who worked 1 to 1 with children who were considered to be unlikely to ever learn to read properly and extensive experience gained from our 1 to 1 Frog Pond Tutors (who work on a private basis) from 1996 to 2016 involving the Full Programme.

We now want EVERYONE to have the opportunity to use this Programme with Children or Non Reading Adults, so you too can watch the absolute delight on their faces as they realise that THEY REALLY CAN SUCCEED AND THEY REALLY CAN LEARN TO READ AND WRITE!

  • The Frog Books offer a COMPLETE PROGRAMME for anyone learning to READ and WRITE English.
  • The Series sits comfortably alongside other Reading Books also being used in NZ schools.
  • The Frog Reading Books Programme is suitable for anyone wanting a Graduated, Structured Early Literacy Programme that wraps Reading and Writing Skills in together as it proceeds.
  • It is suitable for – Home Schoolers or Schools – Classroom Reading Groups or 1 to 1 Instruction (perfect for Teacher Aides) RTLB, ESOL, Dyslexic Pupils, Autistic Students, Irlens Students, Special Needs and Distance Learners. Both Brand New Learners and Just Plain Mixed Up Readers!
  • The Programme supports Students from Beginner Reader/Writers to Fluency or picks up Students who have already started to read, but who have ‘gaps’ and ‘confusions.’
  • There are a total of 73 Reading Books over 6 Levels.
  • Each Level has an Accompanying Manual that provides each Reading Book, with a Step by Step ‘Suggestions for Teaching’ Page and a related Skill Builder Worksheet.
  • A Checklist for each Level and the Reading Books to return to is available.
  • There is a Congratulations Certificate at the end of each level.
  • Phonics, Letter Formation and Writing Skills are included in this Programme.
  • 6 fun characters accompany the Reader on their journey, a new friend joining the adventure at each level.
  • These colourful stories encompass Trust, Love of Nature, Student Encouragement and Exciting Adventures as well as Sharing, Friendship and Caring.
  • The books contain a balance of Factual and Imaginative Writing.
  • These Resources can be bought Individually, in Packs or as Multi Purchases (with a discount) for Classroom Group Reading.

Happy Reading!

Children's Reading Books

These Frog Reading Books are fun, colourful and full of adventures, 100% New Zealand created and produced.

Zip & Mac DVD's

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Features and Benefits of The Frog Reading Books!

  • A carefully graduated, structured & proven programme
  • Holistic approach to teaching
  • Provides companions and mentors
  • Colour, interest and character
  • Balance of fact and fantasy
  • Written for an international audience
  • Supplementary materials
  • Offers a personalised and caring service