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Celebrating 20 Years

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Welcome to the Frog Reading Books!

Jill Mitchell

Hi! I'm Jill Mitchell - 'Frog Lady' + creator of Wild Daisies Publications and the Frog Reading Books.

20 years! Oh my gosh! It is exciting to have helped thousands of children in that time & to still be continuing to do so.

The Frog Reading Books are a Full Literacy Programme for beginners and it can be used by Teachers, Teacher Aides or Parents. It teaches both Reading and Writing in a structured, graduated + clear way, With the help of 5 Frogs and a Dog!

We have a range of Resources - paper books / Skillbuilder worksheets / Level Checks / Certificates / Support Materials / Private Reading & Writing Tuition at our "Frog Ponds" in some areas.

We are keen to provide Parents and Schools with the 'material' that works for their children, So there is a variety of ordering options to suit everyone. If you email our office or put in an order, you'll also be meeting Jodie,
our Office Manager.

Jill Mitchell

We always welcome an email to discuss our products & services or to ask for help with your child.
It is always lovely to talk to the people who use our books!

Happy Reading!,
Jill & Jodie

Children's Reading Books

These Frog Reading Books are fun, colourful and full of adventures, 100% New Zealand created and produced.

Reading Books

  • 73 "Learn to Read" books - educationally structured to follow the adventures of Five Frogs and a dog
  • Magenta level 1 (non reader) to Orange level 16 (fluent reader) - 6 Levels
  • A skillbuilder worksheet is available for each book
  • Suitable for parents, schools, homeschoolers, ESOL and special needs

Reading Tuition

  • Reading Tuition Bases
  • Licence opportunities
  • How to join our team

Zip & Mac DVD's

Looking to buy 'Zip & Mac' DVD's? Hop on over to their online store!

Fun Reading Tuition Available! Help your child learn to read... Click here

Tutor Help

Features and Benefits of The Frog Reading Books!

  • A carefully graduated, structured & proven programme
  • Holistic approach to teaching
  • Provides companions and mentors
  • Colour, interest and character
  • Balance of fact and fantasy
  • Written for an international audience
  • Supplementary materials
  • Offers a personalised and caring service